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Kid Connect Curriculum

S.T.A.R.S.: Students & Teachers Achieving Reachable Standards

STARS is a developmentally age appropriate curriculum for children infants to preschoolers. 

                                     Curriculum Sample for Kid Connect Students

​Curriculum for Ages 0-2-year olds

-hands on learning           -centers-music, literature, arts & crafts

-play-based learning        -language development through peer interaction

-Little Chefs Program       -Early Art Masters

Curriculum for Three-Year olds

-hands on learning           -centers-pretend play, music, literature, arts & crafts

-reading & writing              -Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

-Little Chefs Program       -Early Art Masters 

Curriculum for Pre-K

-hands on learning         -centers-CVC words, manipulatives, problem solving 

-reading & writing           -Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

-group learning                -self-paced learning, Teacher-lead Learning

-Little Chefs Program    -Early Art Masters

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